Mission Statement

"Organised Projects

Complete On Time"

Quality Assurance

Vortech is committed to the highest quality from planning a project through to
completion, with systematic monitoring and evaluation of all aspects of the
project, to ensure that the client’s requirements of quality are always being

Vortech has had a complete operation and management system developed in
conjuction with Evan Kolbe of Kolbe Systems in order to put into place the quality assurance
required to develop a dynamic and professional organisation to meet industry

Standard of

All Vortech installations are completed to a minimum of the following Australian

AS 4254.1-2012 Ductwork for air-handling systems in buildings Part 1: Flexible Duct
AS 4254.2-2012 Ductwork for air-handling systems in buildings Part 2: Rigid Duct

AS 1668.1-1998 Fire & Smoke Damper Requirements
AS 1682.2-1990 Fire & Smoke Damper Installations