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Drip Trays

products_drip_safety_traysMost commercial & domestic Fan Coil Unit installations require a water tight corrosive resistant Safety Drip Tray to ensure any condensation or leaking water is caught should the primary AC condensate
drain become clogged.
This also prevents potential expensive water staining and damage to the ceiling or floors below.

Not all trays are manufactured to “Vortech Products” high standards.
Unfortunately a lack of quality control within the industry and, any formal Australian Standards has resulted in many substandard trays being installed across the country. 
Vortech Products manufacture trays to the highest quality and are backed by a West Australian owned and operated company.

Other applications:
Oil & Fuel Spill
Hospitality Industry
Liquor Industry
Fabrication & Tooling industry

Sizes and Specifications

Flexible Duct Pipes
products_ducting_joinersDuct Pipes are required to enable secure fixing and bracing of flexible duct at specified intervals. In commercial applications it is generally understood that flexible duct should not span more than three meters without a duct joiner.

Vortech Products “duct pipes” are made to precise metric diameters to accommodate all metric flexible ducting products throughout Australia.

Our standard length is 1500 mm and they are manufactured to suit 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm and 350mm flexible duct. Made from Quality 0.6mm PGI sheet steel and are grooved lock seamed.
Both ends have a raised swage to allow secure fitting of the flexible duct.

Sizes and Specifications


products_spigotsAvailable in Plain, Internally Adjustable or Externally Adjustable damper blades.

Designed specifically for fixing flexible duct to rigid steel duct & cushion head grille boxes.

Manufactured from Galvanised sheet metal with a unique bell mouth flange for easy fixing to duct work.

Sizes and Specifications

Hot Dipped Galv Angle

products_dura_gal_angleQuality angle at affordable prices.

Stock Sizes

30x30x2.5 (mm) x length 6 metres/3 metres
40x40x2.5 (mm) x length 6 metres/3 metres
40x40x4.0 (mm) x length 6 metres/3 metres
50x50x5.0 (mm) x length 6 metres/3 metres

Sizes and Specifications